A Contemplative Poem by Paul David Tripp

A Contemplative Poem
by Paul David Tripp

It is the big dilution
the height of arrogance
the seductive trap,
the big, dark danger.
It leads nowhere
Its destiny is
It sat at the center of the
disaster in the garden.
It propelled the sad
rebellion of Adam and Eve.
It temps us all again and again
in situation after situation,
location after location,
relationship after relationship.
We fall into thinking
what multitudes of our
lost forefathers thought.
We buy into this one fateful
that perhaps we’re smarter than
that maybe our way is better than
His way.
Only grace can deliver
the deluded from the
danger that they are
to themselves.

Tear up your list and throw it away — what God has planned for
you is better than anything you’ve dreamed of for yourself.

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