by Syb Brodie

Looking at the cover of a winter edition of Our Daily Bread, with the lacy frost covering the tree branches in a field of sparkling snow.  I wondered how these trees could ever again bring forth a landscape of green leaves or colourful perfumed blossoms.  Then I remembered the ‘lifeblood’ of the tree is buried deep in its roots beyond the frozen ground into soft fertile soil.  Soil that is protecting it from the elements that would bring about its destruction.

Lifeblood!  Since my husband died, that word holds such a powerful meaning for me now.  With it I am breathing, walking, thinking, feeling, going daily about life’s activities.  Without it, I’m cold, frozen, unthinking, unfeeling, immobile, hopeless, dead!

There is a book that talks about another type of ‘lifeblood’. This book tells how it can melt a cold dead body, bringing it into everlasting life.  If you haven’t read it yet, I would encourage you to do so.  It’s called the Bible, and the ‘lifeblood’ mentioned in it is through God’s son Jesus who’s roots run deep into warm, fertile soil.  Like the roots of the trees, Jesus (if we allow Him) is down deep in our souls protecting us from the cold elements above.  Protecting us from the paralyzing lies of the devil, who loves to tell us that life is hopeless, and we will be forever dead.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when one seems to be frozen in grief and pain.  We numbly take part in life’s chores with a heart that seems shattered into a million frozen pieces.  A heart held together with the only glue that can adhere to the cold, Jesus.  Jesus, who’s warm comforting arms, is slowly melting the pieces of my heart, and gluing it back together again.  Changed, but healed.

Lifeblood!  God’s Word!  The recipe for a heart that is temporarily, or seeming to be permanently frozen.  The only answer for a son-filled blossoming life here on earth, as well as the hereafter.

Jesus, surrounding me with the prayers of loved ones.  Lifting me into His comforting arms through the arms and hands of believers and unbelievers alike.  Slowly melting my frost ladened heart, and carrying me into the spring of a new beginning.

I see His mercies, His ‘Lifeblood’, everywhere I go!

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