At first all is new.  Body not knowing his touch, his mood.
Yet feeling close, warm, and just to have him near,
Safe, sheltered.

Then as time goes by his nearness is expected,
Longed for,
Minds mingle; thoughts come at the same time.

It is not necessary to hold hands.
Communication is by eyes, smiles,
Secret thoughts somehow transmitted.
Now bodies lie content, pleased to be together,
No pretense,
No secrets.

Two work as one.  Over the years they meld together
With each act of love
There is sureness,
As years go by the sweetness
Of their relationship ripens
To a lush peak.

Each is satisfied to sit, walk,
Dream, or just be quiet together,
Wishing for each day to begin and end with them

Alice Connelly Moore
Inspired Words

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