My heart feels like it is in limbo
withered like the fig tree
never again to bear fruit.
Drained of  life and
useless now…
gnarled and dead.
Once filled with hope
now a meaningless void.

God, where are You?
Do you hear me,
see me in this withered state
longing to feel once again?
Only You
can bring back life
to this shriveled branch,
changing useless to meaningful.
Only You…
My God and my Savior.

Can the dead be brought back to life?
The withered to flourish
once again,
filling this void from
empty to full …
from bareness to fruitfulness?

Do not curse me to
the same fate as the fig tree.
Do not abandon me
but hear my cry
and heal my broken spirit.
Fill this void
with Your presence,
this withered branch
with Your life and renewal.
Bring purpose …
a vision of hope and
to this Saint in limbo.        Syb Brodie


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