Changing of the Guard

I watched the Parade on Parliament Hill
The men in red gave us all such a thrill.
The crowd watched as they left, and they right
Guns all ready with no one to fight.

My Dad and my Mom stood and watched eyes aglow
As the band played the tunes they kept time with their toe,
And the young man beside me whispered loud the commands
As he became Soldier with gun in his hand.

With tall black fur hats the ritual they followed
Never missing a step as the Sergeant hollered.
They turned heads to left when told, then to right
Then back straight ahead guns held very tight.

The band took a rest while Inspection was done
As the man in Command looked into each gun.
Again marched the Soldiers bayonets in their hands
The Pageantry gave all a pride in our land.

Once again the band struck up a good beat
The Soldiers all lined up and marched down the street.
The young man beside me disappeared in the crowd
As he followed the Soldiers his commands whispered loud.

I looked to find Mom and Dad to see how
They liked the Parade and Guard Change just now,
I could tell as they smiled from their ear to their ear
They had a great time and were filled with good cheer.  

Syb Brodie ….. Written August 10, 1980

They witness best who witness with their lives.  ODB

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