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New Every Morning – by Annie Johnson Flint

Jun 09, 2018 No Comments by

Taken from: Lamentations 3:19-25; Revelation 21:1-5 NEW EVERY MORNING by Annie Johnson Flint Yea, “new every morning,” though we may awake, Our hearts with old sorrow beginning to ache; With old work unfinished when night stayed our hand, with new duties waiting, unknown and unplanned; With old care still pressing, to fret and to vex, […]

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Apr 26, 2018 No Comments by

EVERY TIME YOU SIN Every time you sin you are transported to the foot of the Cross. The quiet agony is there, the smell of sweat, leather, earth, wood, the taste of blood and tears. Christ looks up and recognizes you. Since you have been there before He will not ask why He knows. He […]

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Apr 24, 2018 No Comments by

Let me trust in You Lord In all I do and say, Wherever I may wander Instil in me Your ways. Let me trust in You Lord As each new day arrives In morning light Your words delight My soul becomes alive. Let  me trust in You Lord As Your stories are retold In generations […]

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Poems by Ruth Bell Graham

Mar 08, 2018 No Comments by

Look o’er the fields about you — riveted, hilled with graves; no one can count the number of those who perished as slaves; slaves to the sin they were born in, knowing not God or His Light; died without God’s great salvation, died in the darkness of night. Look o’er the people about you — […]

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