I do not want you to be ignorant brothers, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no hope.    1 Thessalonians 4:13

DEATH!  Such a final word!

A word that brings fear to the heart and soul of man.  Fear of the unknown.  The passing before ones eyes of years of memories (for some) and a short burst in time for others.  A time of tears, heartache, adjustment in daily lives.

How one begins to long for the normal of what used to be….

Preparing for a future without your best friend, lover, helper.  Someone you laughed, cried, labored with…encouraged when times were hard.

Coping with sudden feelings of helplessness that at times overwhelms you with anxiety.  A grasping for moments to share before the inevitable happens.

Tears, Tears and more tears bursting forth, falling desperately down your face, restricting the throat and heaving the chest with sobs.  Grasping for more precious moments and memories together before there is no more tomorrows.

Run… Run… Escape… There must be another way.  Another medicine, a herb, a vitamin, a treatment to extend the inevitable.  To give more time.

Time!  Right now there is some time… Preparation time for a funeral to come.

Right now in this time, a cold vise-like void threatens to swallow me up into nothingness!

Wait… What is that I hear seeping in through the gloom and despair???  A song…  A song bursting forth in my mind… crumbling ‘the finality of death’.  I listen as it gets louder and louder…


With a mighty triumph ‘ore His foes.

He arose a victor from the dark domain;

And He lives forever with His Saints to reign…



The void becomes filled with Hope and Joy!  Loving hands lifting, cradling, comforting, assuring.  Faithful hands that have overcome death telling all that He lives forever!

He promises eternal life to those who believe on Him.  I believe and my loved one believes.

He promises… to carry not only me, but my loved one through this valley of death.

He promises… a new body to replace this sick, decaying one.

He promises… to be faithful and true.

He promises… I trust and believe.

The anxiety is gone for now and His love and peace comfort and enfold me.

I know Death’s Vice will come again, but I also know He will be there to reach for my hand because…

UP FROM THE GRAVE HE AROSE!         Syb Brodie April 2010