Dredging the bottom looking for the mirror
Bible in hand, is anything clearer?
The twists and turns someone will say
What is the start where is the end why must we pray?

I am but new to the divine path
Dodging and weaving am I escaping wrath?
Some things seem so simple, others hard
Still with study I have only a shard

My understanding appears as follows
No mountain so high no dark hollows
Can hide you from the Lords sight
or keep you safe from God’s might

No generous deed, no gift so kind
Will save you here or change his mind
Accepting a gift offered with love
Will keep you right with the Lord above.

It is hard to understand a message so kind
Things are so bad we are completely blind
To a savior who never stopped giving
To help us understand the nature of living.

We dissect and examine each divine phrase
And apply it to our latest phase
And hold our head till the emotions clear
And pray that he might be near

Near, what an odd term
For the divine that within you burns
With a light so clear the dark will never frighten
The path illuminated your load is lightened.

Do I love God to avoid things bleak?
To make things easy to find what I seek?
To answer the questions I didn’t know I had
To sleep at night and not feel so bad?

Yes, I suppose, to all of the above
To learn, to question, to receive His love
So much for so little, the obscene for the divine
He opened his arms and heaven is mine.

What do I have to give you my friend?
The beginning is here, God help us at the end.
We can be sure of what comes to pass
Without Satan’s flame licking at our elbow.

No shining example, no great man am I
I get crazy frightened feel alone and cry
This journey is not for the faint of heart
But you will never truly get there until you start.


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