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Every time you sin
you are transported
to the foot of the cross
the quiet agony is there
the smell of sweat, leather, earth, wood
the taste of blood and tears
Christ looks up and  recognizes you,
since you have been there before
He will not ask why
He knows
He will not remind you of promises past
He knows
He will not forgive you
forgiveness has taken place
for this sin
and so many others
He will not give up on you
even in his pain
And that is your true agony
And greatest joy



About the author

Ted is a poet, writer, musician, father, husband, grandfather, and a human and recent soul come to Christ. Involved in the arts all his life, he has been part of the Muskoka Fringe Festival in Poetry. He did the Bluegrass Festival circuit with Due North and played for years previous in country and rock bar bands. He makes his living as a Massage Therapist. More a 'Wounded Romantic' than a cynic, more a crafts person than artist, Ted lives with his second wife Mary in Baysville Ontario, and struggles with his new-found faith, hanging on by the music and the love of God.
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