“You are the God who performs miracles; you display your powers among the peoples.”  Psalm 77:14

It seems anyone’s thought on miracles surrounds grand happenings or gestures which have profound effects in life.  From water to wine, from invalid to health, from death to life this is often where we go when we think of miracles.  Sometimes I believe God is far more understated and requires us to truly observe our surroundings, to know miracles.

My day started at four a.m. and by mid afternoon it was graduating into another dimension.  I was driving, beyond tired, and was far into thought when I saw people walking on the side of the road.  Recognizing my own condition, I slowed and was happy to see Paul Knight and his granddaughter Kaylie, and grandson Carter.  This band of merry people were either leading, or being lead, by two little dogs that seemed to have no other purpose than to give each other anxiety attacks.

I pulled over and after greetings were exchanged, a small conversation and miracle occurred.  I found out that Carter was of the impression he had sand in his eye, and told me of a dream he had about being in the church.  Kaylie had more stories delivered with more speed than I thought could be possible.  Paul was my interpreter, and was able to help decipher nuance and staccato delivery.

During this very quick meeting I was able to see smiles of recognition, and to feel the joy of being a person important enough in these people’s lives to be told these interesting facts.  I was allowed to interrupt for a short while, and to feel welcome to do so.  All the while I was being approached, and run away from, the anxiety attack dogs.

All too soon I had to leave, but I noticed an increased energy and an uplifted spirit.  A flagging sense of humour returned with a lighter, gentler, kinder soul now behind the wheel.  My day went by quickly, and with a joy which was more than welcome.

For just a few minutes I connected with people from my church who knew God.  I connected with people who knew God both from the aspect of a child, and from a leader.  The joy children who know God, and had faith in Him from a child’s point of view, was wonderful and energizing.  For a few minutes I believe I was touched by God just when I needed it, and was able to continue with less burden.

I don’t know, but it seems to me we do not recognize, or we choose to ignore the miracles around us.  Miracles lie beyond the beauty of the next sunset or the colours of the Fall.  We look for Lazarus from the tomb, and ignore the music of a child’s voice gently wishing us to return to the garden.  We want to be told to take up our mat, throw down our burdens, and walk forgetting our burdens are placed on us by ourselves.

We want to win the lottery when we already have!  It seems the miracle of fellowship is all around us, and yet, we feel alone.  The riches of God’s blessing is ever present, but we feel poor.

The next time your partner reaches for your hand or gently touches your shoulder, I pray you will know and feel beyond blessed.  The miracle that he or she is there must be beyond understanding, you just have to look in the metaphoric mirror to understand.  If your partner is no longer with us, it is possible you know better than all of us the miracle of their being, and being with you for what now must feel a short time.

I believe there was many more than one miracle on the side of the road that day.  I was truly awakened to the joy of knowing God by these three people, and of course their anxiety attack dogs.    Ted

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