Don’t you just love it?  You are driving along and suddenly you come across road construction.  You have an idea what is involved; you slow down and traffic bunches up and sometimes you come to a halt.  Flag people stop you and then wave you on.  Sometimes you stay for quite awhile before you go on.  Eventually you are waved ahead and you can continue slowly.

These days you will see large signs before you actually arrive on the construction site stating ‘Construction Ahead’, and ‘Expect Delays’Expect Delays?? This is of little comfort when you creep up painstakingly to a sign which asks you to expect delays.

I believe in our spiritual journey there are times when we truly feel things are going along much as expected.  We are learning at a rate we are comfortable with, and accepting the teachings while applying them to our life.  The road may be bumpy and full of questions, but you are at least moving along to your satisfaction.  You might even be certain that you will ‘get there’ (wherever that is) some day.

I have found however, there are times when things virtually come to a halt.  Sadly the combination of circumstances along with your understanding, or lack thereof, brings you to a stop.  There is something or several something’s which conspire, and you find yourself ground to a halt.

When our small group folded after Pastor Don left, we joined a small group from the local Presbyterian Church.  The first sessions had to do with the gospel of John, and the life of Jesus.  It was very pleasant, and I felt I saw some things with new eyes.  I felt my spirit lighter and encouraged.

The next one however, was going to be ‘Reading the Bible with new eyes’.  As the Bible begins with creation, I could see ‘Expect Delays’ for me on the horizon.  Try as I might, I just can’t get my head around creationism, and I can’t understand the importance, or the need of, the passionate focus.

I feel at my age, my focus must be on my daily life not on theological details.  I’m sure I will understand it all someday in Heaven, but for now how do I treat my neighbor?

How do I show the love of God in such a way as to appear thoughtful.  If I am to reach people in my social circle I can’t afford to appear to be mouthing stuff I can’t substantiate, and have trouble believing myself.

I never returned to the Bible study, telling myself that I was busy and that I did not want to be angry around my spiritual journey.

Lately I see myself waiting for the metaphoric flag person to wave me on, and my journey would again be in motion.  But today if there is motion at all, it comes from conversations with leaders, and my own reading of spiritual documents certainly including the Bible.  The frustration in waiting has become wearisome.

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  1. I felt for you when you mentioned that your journey of waiting recently has been frustrating…we will pray for you to return to the real joy of the Lord- found in music worship, reading His Word, and experiencing God’s agape love! Thanks for being open and we support your fellowship @RBC. Eleanor for Kevin also (just found this posting!)

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