Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord. Ephesians 6:4

Fatherhood apparently begins the moment your child is born. However, I believe it happens when you are first entrusted to actually hold the child. I can’t imagine who has the more bewildered look on their face. Suddenly you realize your love is now divided, and at the same time multiplying. As this event is happening you begin to sense how perfect the child is, and how perfect you want the world to be. You understand that nothing negative will happen to this perfect child, you will run interference, you will see the bad guys are out of the way. You will see to it all wants and needs are satisfied. You commit yourself to fixing the world (at least yours). This child will know peace, logic, truth, and always be surrounded by love. All this while the love inside you grows and grows until you may burst but you cannot stop smiling. At this point you realize your holding the baby too tight. It does not matter, you are solidly in love with this gift from God and after all, what love relationship begins totally logically?
Over the years scraped knees, snotty noses, broken hearts, disappointments, and the worlds realities teach you how unrealistic you were in the first place. Still… another child is born and with your arm around your first-born, and the latest little one in your other, you go through it all over again. Once again you are surprised with the amount of love there is in you and surrounding you and your family. You are in danger of bursting, and tears are never far away. Love songs and hymns make sense and war will never touch your children. Another logical display.
I believe Fathers at this moment are getting a glimpse of the Holy Spirit. How else can you experience such love? If not, then how is it our love can grow? Our love would be finite and would have to be divided among our family, until it became thin. Until we only understood love as mathematics. Three divided by love equals one third apiece.
I am thankful for Gods gift of ever growing love and the gift of my family. Thankful I can love and be a part in so many wonderful peoples lives.
And so we come to Fathers Day. Funny celebration, in which you are honored for receiving many gifts. Honored for a role you never feel you are doing quite right. Singled out for gifts and thanks for accepting something you would not trade away for anything.
I love the phone calls, and the cards, and what goes with it. I truly wish I could feel like I did it, as perfectly as these precious people deserve….
However, did I mention my Grandchildren?

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