Recently I did a favour for a friend. I admit it was a bit of a trial but she needed the help and I was willing. She phoned me a few days later and among the thanks she offered she said “I’m sure you will get into Heaven now”.
She knows I go to church and have beliefs, but with that comment she indicates, like a lot of others, that admittance to Heaven is purchased with good deeds.
Of course, what we know is that Heaven is obtained through God’s grace and Jesus’ sacrifice. As easy as this statement is to make, it seems difficult to understand for most.
God is seen with a long beard and hair sitting on a cloud taking notes as to how good/bad, generous/selfish, kind/unkind you are. If you help a person who is having an awkward time with their groceries Heaven awaits if not Hell yawns.
There are many misconceptions around the Christian faith this one seems prevalent which is unfortunate.
For myself I don’t care about Heaven. I know this may shock, but largely Heaven can wait, God has this all figured out and I will not worry about it. My so called good deeds are no more than a celebration of the love of God. The fact that someone is thankful is just a pleasant by-product of the exercise.
Apparently, there is a mansion waiting for me. That’s nice but I want to know about today. What can I do to help my friends? How can I cheer the sad? How can I take a sister or a brother in my arms, and assure them I feel what they do, and help them to truly know the Lord? What is more How can I accept the generosity when offered of others. My male attitude is okay with giving but receiving, perhaps not so much.
Heaven is later, today is now!
Often the poets and musicians I love are from a much simpler, honest and straightforward time. God, is preparing a mansion for me? I wonder what the necessity is? A musician named Grandpa Jones I think said it best . . .

“I’d rather have a cabin by the roadside where
the pilgrimage of man is passing by
Help to point some soul to Jesus in that city on high
Every day I want to help to scatter roses,
every night I want my lamp to shine abroad
With a welcome from a little bay window
by the side of the road.”

How could I want or need more? I don’t need a scorecard, a chandelier or a marble staircase. Perhaps the truth is simpler than all of this. Perhaps I just don’t understand Heaven, but just now I feel I don’t need to.
Pass the puck to God, He will put it in the net.
Now that is Heaven indeed.

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