Melissa Smith

I love to share my heart and love for God through songwriting and music. I’m a wife and mother of six, living in southern New Hampshire. My love for music began at a young age when I first learned to play piano. Through the years, I’ve enjoyed singing in choruses and continuing to improve my skills as a musician. More recently, I discovered my creative side and began to write. With each new song, my passion for songwriting only grows. I believe it’s a gift from God, and I even refer to Him as my “Co-writer”.

Of course, along with writing comes the desire to sing and share what God has put on my heart. I’ve been encouraged as people have listened to my music. Many say they have been touched by the beauty of my melodies and can sense my heart in the lyrics. My music includes worship songs as well as songs written to my children that every mother can connect with.

I have been working with a local music producer this past year and released my first single, “Not My Kingdom” in December, 2014. Soon to come will be the release of my next song “Love Like You” which features my son Tyler on harmony vocals. As we continue to record more of the songs I’ve written, we’re anticipating the release of a full album in the future. My hope is that the music reaches people, points them to Jesus, and causes them to worship Him.

You can find Melissa’s single "Not My Kingdom" on iTunes. Not My Kingdom

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