Remember The Man

Remember the man, who was honest and true,

Good to us all, and wise too.

Full of compassion and grace

I’m sure he brought a smile to God’s heavenly face.

Remember the man, whose voice filled the room

As he strummed his guitar to an old country tune.

With his brothers he’d sing long into the night

Disregarding the time, changing chords with delight.

Remember the man, who taught his sons to build a house

Those skills they still have today, without any doubts.

A wonder in the workshop he showed his grandchildren too

How to build things from wood, telling us to use nails instead of glue.

Remember the man, who was brother, a father,

A son and a friend,

A spouse and a lover,

Straight ’til the end.

Remember the man, who beat all the odds

Springing back to life, after the doctor’s sad nods

Who walked with Christ all the way,

And now he’s in heaven to surely stay.

Neil Oswald Brodie, was a man of our God.                                Matthew Brodie January 2011

2 thoughts on “Remember The Man

  1. I have always loved this poem, Matthew. It is so true about Dad.
    Thank you for sharing your God-given talents with us and I eagerly await more encouraging notes from you, nephew.

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