It is interesting to me how we choose to celebrate certain occasions and leave others out. I am not really sure about St. Valentine. Is he supposed to be the Saint of Romance, of love, or of chocolates and flowers? I guess it does little harm to focus on your partner and celebrate a loving relationship at least once a year.
I understand there are hundreds of saints with hundreds of accomplishments representing hundreds of deeds. If I understand the process – a budding saint must be a good and faithful servant of his faith, have something to do with a miracle and of course be Catholic. I am sure that all these saints have individual purposes, for example Saint Christopher, it is said is the Saint protecting travelers. This I suppose is good and allows focus on various Saints assisting you (as a faithful Catholic) through life. Although you might want to take two Saint Christopher medals if you go anywhere near the middle east.
I mean no disrespect but with all the Saints I wonder why there is not a Saint governing the discovery of pairs of socks when you are sorting laundry? Perhaps Saint Steven among the socks? Now there is a Saint I could get behind.
All this musing behind Valentines day, is on its way (as I write) and is a day I should prepare for. One of the joys of my life is to give gifts. To be thoughtful and perhaps surprise someone with something is a true blessing in my life. Indeed, to have a day devoted to acknowledging the joy, love and blessing of my wife is alright by me.
Sometimes I wonder about the selection process of partners in this life. With all the flowers, chocolates and other wonderful flaming hoops we jump through (dates, waiting near the phone, imagined rivals and your head constantly swimming) it is a marvel we get anywhere near developing a relationship as close as is necessary to marry.
I knew Mary for about two years before anything romantic took place. The attraction grew out of a respect for her strength and independence.
Suddenly I found myself at the florist entirely too often and sending the flowers to Mary at her office embarrassed her thoroughly. Not to mention the awful poetry I wrote. celebrate,occasion
Many years have gone by since then and the joy of knowing her and knowing her (our) commitment has only enhanced my feeling for her. You may wonder how I know our commitment is strong. Well when I wake up my breath would stop a locomotive and still she is up for a morning kiss – no further proof is necessary. On the other hand, when she phones for the third time that week to tell me she will be late and the supper I prepared will once again resemble leather coming from the microwave, I can only smile knowing the hard work she does. I have decided that on her grave stone there will be written “If the world is not a better place it is not because she did not try”. A lot to admire.
When I was younger I learned the phrase “God is Love”. I suppose really Saint Valentines day is waking you to the joy of love and the knowledge that God helps us understand a little of His love for us.
Often in my life music helps me through. One of the most talented folk singers I know of is a man by the name of David Francy. A song he wrote deals with this subject. “Come rain or come shine” is a song of his I would suggest you find. I believe most of us will smile at its human poetry but the romantic among us will melt.
I have wondered so often how people can see a wondrous sunset, or a picture from “the Hubble telescope or the look in your partners eyes when you really have touched them and not see God. What joy, what good fortune. May Valentines day and any other day, be an opportunity to celebrate love for our partners and a day to marvel at God’s love.

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