He will yet fill your mouth with laughter
and your lips with shouts of joy. Job 8:21

My first thoughts for January’s article was to write about the dangers of choosing to go from church to church in order to find that special one that gives you what you want to hear; of not being committed to any one church so one is not called upon to help where needed; never answering to anyone for possible sins going on in your life; you can up and leave if you don’t like the preacher, the message, the bible interpretation; your truth is the only truth; music too modern or too ancient — and on and on it rang in my head dragging me down, down, down into that hopeless place where Satan loves to drag me when I listen to his lies that he controls the world.
How negative –
How depressing –
How to bring on the January blues!
How unencouraging for EncouraGem.
All of this may be happening in today’s world, but if Job’s mouth could be filled with laughter after all he had been through, and he could sing songs of joyful praise, then I figured I should get up, turn my frown upside down – start dancing – lift high my hands in joyful praise!
So that’s what I did, and I immediately began to feel better! At one point a chuckle came out my mouth, and then laughter at the words Jesus was putting into my mind. You may not find them funny, but He sure tickled my funnybone!
Jesus began reminding me of Monday’s Oakville Faith Ladies Zoom Bible study as we were ending and gathering prayers for one another. One of the ladies mentioned she would be away for two weeks in the sunny south. I can’t remember if it was the Caribbean or Jamaica or another sunny hot place, but I quickly shouted out “Can I come!”
And this is where the Lord was pointing me and as His humour crept in I picked up my pen and my imagination took wing . . .
I wrote – “I should have been more assertive, more aggressive, more convincing! I should have said to her — “Take me, take me! I will be good and absolutely no trouble at all. I won’t say a word unless spoken to –
except maybe a happy sigh might escape my lips as I lay on the beach soaking up the rays!”
I continued happily in this one-way conversation –
I’m not very tall and could be smuggled into a large suitcase with lots of holes in it for breathing of course, and only if there is no seats left in the airplane.
I’ll brush your hair faithfully every day, (she has lovely hair) my mom used to love it when I did it for her.
I can cook – nothing too fancy mind you – but I make a delicious Italian Pasta or Pizza! Now if you want spicy – your on your own ‘cause I’ve been bland for years.
Oh I’m getting so excited thinking about watching the beautiful sunset over the ocean – of course without my Winter Parka Hood interfering with the view!
Ohhh I can see myself limping in pain down to the beach with my trusty ‘Hurrycane’ to lean on. Then later coming back up much quicker after my body soaked up the warm sun, with a freer movement in my step and a swinging cane in my hand, along with a contented smile spread across my face.”
Then reality came swooshing in that brought me back to earth, but not with a thud – with an encouraging thought — Heaven!
When I get to heaven – (I know, I know, you’ve heard me say this before – but at my age it can come sooner than later) sooo …. When I get to heaven ….. it will be A SUNNY PLACE where I will have —
Thank you Lord for opening this momentary escape hatch, or is it Window PANE – in which you brought me out of the storm clouds and into your Sonshine.
Whatever your will is for me – it will all be in your time — in your rhythm — and in your rhyme!
Thank you for filling me with laughter and joy, for the heated home you’ve provided for me – and making the outside – even when it’s not sunny – very very bright and white!

Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues
with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations,
“The Lord has done great things for them.” Psalm 126:2 

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