ANGELS ON CALL – by Dr. Robert D. Lesslie

Duncan MacKinnon was a dying man in the hospital where Dr. Lesslie worked, and these are Duncan’s words recorded by Dr. Lesslie in his book Angels on Call.

“The hospital Chaplain got to talking to me about the ‘circle of Life’, about how we are born, live our lives, and then die. How that comes full circle somehow….. But you know, son, I don’t think that’s the case at all. Life is not circular, with us somehow coming back to where we started. No, I think it’s more linear. We’re on a path, and that path starts the day we’re born. And whether we understand it, or know it, or even believe it, we are all on that same path. And that path leads us all to one place. We are all marching to God’s throne. And standing at the side of God’s throne is Jesus. And you know, it’s all about Him isn’t it? The problem is we don’t all understand that. If we did, we would live our lives differently. We would pay more attention to the journey, and to the people who are on that journey with us. But it still remains, we’re all on the same path. And when we reach the throne, well, that will be the best beginning of all.”

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