ANXIOUS PRAYERS by Helen Steiner Rice

From Her Book – A Collection of Encouragement

When we are deeply disturbed by a problem
and our minds are filled with doubt,
And we struggle to find a solution,
but there seems to be no way out,
We futilely keep on trying
to untangle our web of distress,
But our own little, puny efforts
meet with very little success.
And finally, exhausted and weary,
discouraged and downcast and low,
With no foreseeable answer
and with no other place to go,
We kneel down in sheer desperation
and slowly and stumblingly pray,
Then impatiently wait for an answer
which we fully expect right away . . . .
But God can’t get through to the anxious,
who are much too impatient to wait,
You have to believe in God’s promise
that He comes not too soon or too late . . . .
So be not impatient or hasty,
just trust in the Lord and believe,
For whatever you ask in faith and love,
in abundance you are sure to receive.

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