Beyond Our Asking — by Helen Steiner Rice

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More than hearts can imagine or minds comprehend,

God’s bountiful gifts are ours without end.

We ask for a cupful when the vast sea is ours.

We pick a small rosebud from a garden of flowers.

We reach for a sunbeam, but the sun still abides.

We draw one short breath, but there’s air on all sides.

Whatever we ask for falls short of God’s giving,

For His greatness exceeds every facet of living,

And always God’s ready and eager and willing

To pour out His mercy, completely fulfilling

All of man’s needs for peace, joy, and rest,

For God gives His children whatever is best.

Just give Him a chance to open His treasures,

And He’ll fill your life with unfathomable pleasures —

Pleasures that never grow worn out and faded

And leave us depleted, disillusioned, and jaded.

For God has a storehouse just filled to the brim

With all that man needs, if we’ll only ask Him.


About the author

Sybil was born in Timmins Ontario Canada. From there she moved to Red Lake, a little mining town in northern Ontario. When she was eleven years old, her family moved hundreds of miles south to the town of Bracebridge. It was here where she met her best friend Ann who introduced her to Jesus in a way that she had never known. A love for God and His word developed and she soon became a follower of Jesus. Sybil married when she was seventeen, and her husband was twenty-five. Over the years they were blessed with four children, three boys - Tim, Robert and Garth, and one girl - Karen. God took her faithful husband home to Heaven in December of 2010. And after much heartache and pain, but knowing what was best, God took her daughter Karen home to be with Him in February 2015. In spite of heart rending moments, God has blessed Syb in ways that often left her with her mouth hanging open in amazement! Years ago He began using her writings to reach out to those hurting, those needing an encouraging word, or to those needing to be strengthened with His love. Launching this website was another unimaginable blessing that God bestowed upon Sybil. As she began this new chapter in her life, she prayed Jesus would continue to put His words into her writings that would encourage you to seek Him for yourself. Through her writings and other writers articles included in this site, her prayer is that God will speak to you through these 'Gems' of Encouragement. May you be enlightened; inspired; taught Biblical truths; radiate with His joy; and that you will want to love others in the same way that Jesus loves you.
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