What is worship, and why does it matter?

Contrary to popular belief it isn’t only about the music, the instruments, the songs, the singing, the singers.  It isn’t about having a ‘Rock Star’ image although they are often the focus of our worship.  It isn’t about the sermon, power point, sound, announcements or communion.

It most certainly is not about ME!  I may desire to be worshiped, but I am unworthy of worship because I have not paid the price!

So what is the real meaning of worship?

Worship is all about who really deserves the glory.  Worship is about serving the ONE who has paid the price.

Worship is all about God.  His Greatness; His Goodness; His Majesty; His Splendor; His Sacrifice; His Gift of Eternal Life;

His Worthiness. . . . So what is my role in worship?

First and foremost, I must be Born Again to understand who or how to worship God.  (John 3:3)
I must be a voice He can use, a signpost who points people to Him.
I must be a trusted friend of the Bridegroom.  I must boast about Him and not about myself.  I must be a steadfast faithful servant, inspiring others to seek faith in Him.

I must sing His praises for the Bible commands me to sing (Eph.5:16) and to play instruments (1Sam.10:5) and even to dance with joy (Eccl.3:4).  All for and to Him, for no one else is worthy of my worship.

I must tell the coming generations about Him.  My sons, daughters, grandchildren, great grandchildren.  (Joel 1:3) I must listen carefully to His words and worship wisely.

I must put all my hope in Him, the God of the Bible… The Triune God, Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

I must and will exalt and magnify His name.

Does Worship Matter?

Yes, but only if I worship the One who earned the right to be worshiped when He gave up His life as a ransom for my life.

That is the only Worship that Matters to a Holy God.        Syb

4 thoughts on “DOES WORSHIP MATTER?

  1. You’ve been reading my sermon notes ahead of everyone else this week again, haven’t you? 😉 This week… “Worshipping Together”.

    1. Hi Charlie: This is last months encouragement, but if it fits this week that blows me away. I’m really looking forward to hearing it! This series is such a blessing for Riverside, and most of the time you can hear a pin drop while your teaching.
      This months encouragement comes out Friday (hopefully as I’m having trouble with my printer) ties in with last Sunday’s Sermon!
      So I guess we have only God to point our fingers at! 🙂 We serve such an awesome God!
      Thanks so much for putting your comment on this page as I mostly get spam.
      Blessings, Syb.

  2. I have only been in the riverside building one day out of my life so far, June 23 2013,. I have been fallowing some of your entries on face book, and see were God is your focus and may I praise Him for that! Some times we may think that our purpose in life may never be until near the latter years of our life, when not always: but something just opens up into a new dimension and we can see even what appears like something that has never had such positive effect for God, like something we have never seen or experienced before. I find great solace in your entries. It is wonderful to seek God’s love … and then find it!

    I am Pastor Charlies Dad, my picture on face book is at age 27. I am now 66. I do presently look a lot different then 27.

    1. Thank you so much John for your encouraging words. I’m so pleased my writings are helpful to you in your walk with God. I find much joy when I write and I’m so happy when God uses the words He gives me to speak to others.

      The Riverside congregation has been mightily blessed to have Pastor Charlie presiding over us. You must be so pleased to have raised such a God centered, loving son.

      Did I see correctly from Facebook that you live up in Terrace Bay? If so, I have two sisters that live in Terrace Bay. Small, small world unless I have that mixed up which is possible! 🙂

      Blessings, Syb.

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