As I sit here typing, the weather outside is cold and it’s suppose to snow but it isn’t here yet, but winter has arrived!  For those who live here, it is beginning to ‘Feel a lot like Christmas’.  Not like a Bethlehem Christmas weather wise, but Jesus is the ‘Reason for the Season’, so wherever we live and with all that has gone on this last year, lets take the time to thank Him, worship Him, and rejoice in His birth.

Because of Jesus, Christmas is also a time of giving gifts to loved ones and to those who are less fortunate than ourselves.  Jesus reminds us that “It is more blessed to give than to receive”.  He should know as no one has given a better gift to mankind than He of Himself.

Do we give sacrificially like Jesus or do we give only to our own families,  not looking at the many around us who are in dire need of help as well as  the hope that only Jesus can provide?  Do we give reluctantly out of a feeling of obligation, or to enhance our social standing, or to gather praise from others on how much we spend on them?

Much of mankind has become more interested in the buying and receiving of gifts than in the Giver of gifts.  Some do not even know that it is His birthday they are actually celebrating.  You can’t take the Christ out of Christmas, so the words Happy Holiday, Season’s Greetings, Best Wishes and such, are trying hard to replace Him.  Nothing done or said will ever replace the need of mankind for Jesus love and salvation.

Lets face it, materialism has taken over and we now desire – no actually at times we demand – gifts that bring us joy for a short period of time before that empty feeling of ‘something is missing’ comes creeping back into the pit of our very being.

We are mystified at why our teens are committing suicide in record numbers when they have been given more material gifts than their parents ever received?  Why we ask, is there chaos and violence all around us?  Why is there never any lasting peace when our governments are always negotiating to attain peace in a world full of wars?

The answer is simple – When we begin to look to Jesus – emptying ourselves of ‘self’ and turn to Him, we will be filled with the gifts of love, joy, peace, kindness, and goodness.  When we look at the giving of gifts through His eyes, we will begin to share those gifts with others.

This Christmas ponder giving the greatest gift of all by telling others about Jesus – the Babe in the manger – Lord and Savior of all. 

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