If Jesus Came To Your Church

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Romans 15:13

Most of us have read the poem ‘If Jesus came to your House,’ but what if Jesus came to your church, what would be the reactions of those of us sitting in the pews, or nowadays with Covid, in our cars?
Do you think we would have our cell phones out texting or playing the latest game?  Would we be caring about the clothes we showed up in thinking they are not as nice as the person sitting next to us?  Would we have to down an aspirin because we stayed up too late partying the night before?  Would we be indifferent to what He was saying because our mind was filled with the cares of the past week and the worries about what lies lurking for us in the week to come?
Perhaps you would think to yourself, “I’ve heard this all before and it’s the same old, same old”. . . so you close your eyes, stifle a yawn, and try to keep from drifting off for a little nap.  Or would you stare blankly ahead putting on a mask of interest while feeling bored and ‘like I want to be anywhere else but here man!”
Maybe your irritated because you feel the hymns are too modern, or your irritation grows because you liken the hymns back to the time of Columbus!  And you certainly don’t want to shake hands with anybody with all those horrid germs floating around.  And on and on you might reason to yourself.
But then again, perhaps your reaction could be different if Jesus really did come to your Church.  Instead of being indifferent, you would be hanging on His every word, so very eager to know everything about Him. You long to sing the hymns whether old or new, with joy and enthusiasm feeling the Holy Spirit in each and every word, just as the author intended.
You have a new interest in listening to the ‘same old, same old’ stories along with a new understanding on how they truly do apply to your life.  You don’t even think about the clothes you are wearing; or what the newest computer game is; what boy, girl, friend, foe, said what to hurt your feelings.
Instead you would fall down on your knees with your face to the ground and worship Jesus in a way you have never worshiped Him before.  You would be filled with thanksgiving for what He has sacrificed for you as you lift your hands and hearts in reverent prayer to Him.
Well let me tell you a well kept secret….  Jesus does come to your church every time you show up!  He is listening to you while you sing, praise, and worship Him.  He is there when you hear His words preached through the very people He has chosen to teach you all about Him.
He is there every Sunday to welcome and encourage you along with all of His other children that He has purposely placed in your midst.
Jesus wants you to come and meet with Him at your church and He will bless you in a way you have never experienced before.

Listen… hear Him calling your name… speaking softly in your ear… teaching you. . . telling you how very much He loves you. . . strengthening and carrying you through all your doubts and fears. 

I guarantee you will come away rejuvenated in mind, body and soul as you discover that  Jesus is right now waiting for you not only at your church, but right where you are every minute of your life. 

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