Just Enough

I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content.  Phil.4:11
God has given me ‘just enough’ of everything!  Everything to satisfy whatever need I have at the time.  I don’t need ‘more’ of anything, because He has given me ‘just enough’ to be content.

God gave the Israelites ‘just enough’ Manna for each days need, for whatever size the family required.  When the Israelites tried to store more for a rainy day, they found the extra they had gathered turned rancid and was filled with worms.

Isn’t that the same for us today?  When we are not satisfied with what we have, we become discontent, and begin to long for and gather more than we need.  This does not bring us the contentment we thought it would, but actually turns rancid in our inner being, souring our  spirit as we begin to rot from within.

We slip away from our reliance on God to supply our needs, to relying on our own selves.  Thus our own selves are never satisfied with having ‘just enough’ of God’s provisions, and discontent becomes the everyday norm in our lives.

Like me for example; God has given me enough hours in a day to accomplish whatever is needed for that day.  The reason I believe I am short of hours is because I want to do ‘more’ than what is required.  Thus I am always trying to cram in more, when He has given me ‘just enough’ to accomplish what I can in a day.  The choice is mine, and with it being obvious to God how much I can accomplish, why is it not obvious to me?

When I take a moment to look at what is on my list; when I compare it to what the day is throwing my way;  when I take another pause, and turn to Him for help with… “OK Lord I’m over my head with all this extra thrown my way, please show me what is the most important”.  When I do that, I immediately feel His peace about what I can leave undone.  The problem is with my dissatisfaction in wanting to accomplish ‘more’ and ‘just enough’ is not ‘good enough’ for me!

The secret to my contentment is being satisfied with ‘just enough’ that God provides for me each day. 

2 thoughts on “Just Enough

  1. Nice reminder….When our children were little, I had so much to try and accomplish. that I once said to my mom, that I wish I had octupus arms/hands, but my wise, Godly mom said that God didn’t want me to be that busy or He would have given me that many!!! We do need to take time & “smell the roses” along the way… I often would feel guilty about not doing everything on my long list, but am content now with I I get done (for the most part.) Eleanor

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