Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting.  Acts 2:2

Long long ago there was a handsome young man who owned a Harley Davidson motorcycle.  He loved to jump on his bike and ride fast with the wind blowing through his hair.
He would ride to his job as a principal at a little rural schoolhouse on the edge of town.  When he was through there for the day, he rode his Harley to work at the BP Gas Station he owned with his brother-in-law.  They both labored hard to make this business and their careers a success.
There was a young lady who lived a short distance out of town that knew the young man because she went to his school.  Whenever she came into town she would walk or ride her bike slowly past the gas station hoping to see the young man. She really liked him and she felt he liked her too.
When he saw her he would wave and if he wasn’t busy serving customers she would stop to talk.  She particularly admired his Harley Davidson motorcycle.  The thought of riding on it brought her a feeling of excitement mixed with fear of speeding down the highway on such a powerful machine.  That would be so much fun!  The thought also entered her mind that in order to keep from falling off she would have to hold on tightly to the young man.
One day when the young man was working at the gas station, the young lady stopped to chat.  He tentatively asked her if she would like to go for a ride on his motorcycle.  She could hardly believe her ears and was speechless for about two seconds before saying “Yes, I would love to!”  So they arranged a day in which to do this.  I guess you could call it their first date.
In order to prepare for this special date, the young lady asked her mother if she would perm her hair.  She wanted to look her best for this very special event in her life.
The day arrived and out of the house the young lady bounded feeling so pretty in her newly permed hair.  She was filled with excitement for the ride ahead with the handsome young man.
In those days no helmet was required for motorcycles so ladies would sometimes use a kerchief to cover their hair.  The young lady did not want anything to interfere with the experience of this first ride, so she did not bother with any hair covering at all.
She had a little bit of trouble getting her leg over the big bike but managed to do so.  The young man asked if she was all set and when she said yes his next words were… “Hold on tight”!  So she held her breath and slipped her arms around his waist wondering if she had made the right decision.
Off they sped down the highway as she closed her eyes in excitement!    Her breathing seemed to stop while her stomach did flip-flops with the feel of the speed.  Finally she dared to open her eyes and then slowly moved her head passed the young mans shoulder.  While everything she saw seemed to pass quickly in a blur, the wind blowing over her face and through her hair brought a feeling of  exhilarating freedom she had never experienced before.
She felt absolutely no fear because she had her arms tightly clasped around the young man.  She also knew he was an honorable young man who  cared about her well being.
They rode and rode for miles!  She knew there was danger if the young man made a wrong turn or did not see a hole in the road.  Still, for some reason she never felt fear with him in the drivers seat.
They finally stopped to rest and spent a wonderful amount of time talking and talking about everything and anything.  When they ran out of words and time, they got back on his bike and headed back to her home.  At this point they arranged to meet again another time.  Wow, a second date!
The young lady smiled and was in awe of the time she had just spent.  She knew right then and there that she loved the young man, and for some strange reason, she knew he loved her too.
As she walked into the kitchen of her home her mother looked up and gasped in dismay… “What have you done to your hair?  Your new permanent is blown straight back into a tangled mess!”  In today’s language, she had her first and only Afro!
The young lady didn’t care as she basked in the glow of the time spent with the young man.   She recognized the change was not only in her hair, but in her heart, for she would never be the same person she was before her ride with the young man on his Harley Davidson  motorcycle.
This is a true story of loves first bloom between my husband and myself as we began our courtship so many years ago.
I see a correlation between our young love and what it is like when you first fall in love with Jesus!
* Right away you just know that He is honorable and trustworthy with your best interests at heart.
* You know that He cares about your well-being, and that he knows where the dangers and potholes lie ahead in your life.
* He will take you out of your comfort zone into adventures that will make you squeal with amazement and delight!
* You may be blown and tossed about by the wind and the speed of this adventure, but if you keep your arms tightly clasped around Him, no harm will come to you.  You will emerge at the end so deeply in love with Him!
* As you stop along the wayside and talk with Him about everything and anything you will get to know Him personally.  The time will fly on by as you learn all about Him.
* What joy and happiness will envelope you as you begin this journey together.
* I guarantee people will notice the change in your appearance.  Not only the outside of your appearance like the smile on your face, but also the joy emanating from within you.
* Like me, I guarantee you will never be the same person again.  

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