What is the first thing you think of when you hear the words “Meeting my Maker”?  To most people it means they will have died and come face to face with God.  I use to see it that way, but not anymore.    I realize now that I met my Maker when I was eleven years old.  I went forward when I heard Him calling my name, and there He was!

I was so filled with joy at meeting Him that I went forward again the next Sunday to say “Hello, do you remember me?”  I loved the feeling  of warmth and love he gave to me!  So much so, that up I went to meet Him again the third Sunday!  This time however, a dear Saint came alongside me and whispered “Once is all it takes, you now belong to Jesus forever”.

I do?  Questions filled my mind…
How can I  feel Jesus love, comfort and acceptance now?  
Where can I meet with Him if not here?  
Will He forget me and move on to someone else?
The answers to those questions have become very clear to me over the years…
Every time I call upon Him, I will feel His presence, comfort and love!  
Everywhere and anywhere I want to meet with Him, He will be there!  
He will never forget me ….   It is I, who forget Him.

Since beginning this journey  with Jesus, I find I meet Him in many different places.  Take for instance when I pray…  sometimes my mind wanders away to the cares of the day as well as cares of future days!  This happens when I concentrate too much on myself, and not enough on Him.  But when I listen, I hear Him speak my name, telling me how much He loves and cares for me, and will look after me.
I’m drawn closest to Him when I open my Bible and study His Word.  It is at this time that I get to know Him personally.  It seems like He is speaking directly to me, teaching me, encouraging me, answering me, opening my mind to things I would never know or understand without Him.  I worship Him most at these times, doors opening the widest.  Fresh breezes blowing through my mind until it becomes just my Maker and me … alone.

Meeting with my Maker has become a journey into places filled with amazing joy and adventures.  There are times I long to be with Him, and can fully understand Paul’s words “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain!”  

Don’t take my word for it, meet with your Maker.  Accept Him as your Savior and take your trip of a lifetime.  He will be right there beside you to welcome you into His arms.  Go there and begin your adventure of a lifetime!  Say ‘YES’ to Jesus and…   ‘Spend an eternity of adventures with Him in  Foreverland!’             Syb


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