“Honor your father and your mother”, which is the first commandment with promise; “that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.” Ephesians 6:23

Today as we celebrate Mother’s Day, the immediate image that comes to my mind is that of my own mother. To some this mostly brings along enjoyable, loving, fun-filled memories, as it does to me. But sadly to others not such happy memories exist, and certainly not ones for celebration.
Mothers like fathers are human beings and make mistakes even when we think at the time that we have it right.
When I look back on the raising of my own children, I sometimes shudder at the poor decisions I made at the time. Decisions I am sure affected the way they look at the world today, and certainly their view of me as a mother in comparison to other mothers. Decisions in which they might have had to make a concerted effort to correct as they grew into adulthood. But that is part of the risk of motherhood.
One thing I like to think I did right, was to love my children with all my heart while I taught them right from wrong. This sometimes meant there was a penalty to pay for disobeying the rules. We called it sin back then, but that is not politically correct in today’s world.
As a mother of four wonderful children who grew up to be perfect adults (especially when I have on my rose coloured glasses) they seemed to have survived my foibles while forgiving my past parental weaknesses with a multitude of daily blessings.
I am sure God smiles down on our children as they begin to have children of their own. Words like… “How come that isn’t working, I was so sure it would?” comes to my mind.
I do figure I must have done something right though. My three sons, along with my daughter who has gone on before me, grasped the most important reason for our life here on earth. In their own time and their own way, they all recognized that there is a spiritual battle being waged in the heavenlies and on earth for their souls. They recognized Jesus as the only true God and Savior and asked Him into their hearts and lives. As a mother I cannot think of a better legacy for my children than that, can you? 

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