Quotes from God Centered Men

In a very real sense, the Bible is a book about every one of us. As we get to know its characters, we will keep coming face to face with ourselves. As we observe its people in their experiences, we will see our own experiences mirrored before us. And as we come to grips with its insights and wisdom, we will see that it is the very wisdom we need to live successfully in our contemporary world.
Dave Egner -Knowing God Through The Whole Bible

In the pages of the Bible we encounter the most extravagant love story ever told. The God of the universe — the creator and designer of everything — chose to become a human in order to restore the relationship we willfully broke when we chose to sin.
Dennis Moles – Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Think of the Gods of the heathen as mentioned in the Bible — Molech, Baal and Mammon. The worship of Molech was the descent of man into the realm of awful cruelty; that of Baal took men through the depths of beastiality and impurity; and that of Mammon debased its devotees to the lust which dreams that power lurks in possession.
G. Campbell Morgan 1863-1945

People deal with God only as a last resource, and yet they go on hoping to sneak into Gods’ heaven when they are done with His world. But the God of Sinai is thundering out to this age, “Thou shalt put Me first, and the business second.”
G. Campbell Morgan

Are there good historical, textual, and philosophical reasons to believe that the Bible is trustworthy? Absolutely! But the most compelling reason to trust the Bible is its message of reconciliation and grace. It’s not just good news — it’s the best possible news.
Dennis Moles – Beyond Reasonable Doubt

We were in slavery under the basic principles of the world. But when the time had fully come, God sent His Son…. So you are no longer a slave, but God’s child.                                                        Billy Graham

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