Solid food is for the mature who, because of practice,
have their senses trained to discern good and evil. Hebrews 5:14

“Have you ever ‘known’ that someone was a Christian before he or she even said anything about it? Have you ever sensed a compatible spirit with other believers? There is nothing magical about that; it’s just the presence of the Holy Spirit bearing witness with your spirit. At other times the Holy Spirit warns you that the spirit controlling another person is not a compatible spirit.”
This quote from Dr. Neil T. Anderson jumped out at me as I had been confronted with what he was saying just the day before.
I had spent the better part of a day with my mother helping her in and out of her bed, into her wheelchair, to the bathroom, and preparing her lunch. Mom was in a lot of pain most of her days before she died. She had been wanting to go to be with her Lord, and I prayed for easing of her pain, and for God’s will to be done. I knew God had His reasons for keeping her alive, and felt so blessed as so many had lost their mothers years before mom’s one month short of 105 years.
A sister joined me in mom’s room around three o’clock this particular afternoon. We were expecting a lady from Closing The Gap to come and chat with us about wrapping mom’s legs and feet to help reduce the swelling that had plagued her for the last few weeks.
The lady came and was so kind and understanding and I felt an immediate compatibility with her gentle spirit. I have no idea if she was a Christian, but her willing heart to listen and answer questions, led me to believe she knew Jesus personally.
During her time with us, mom was laying on the bed trying to sleep and moaned with the pain in her legs and body. This lady mentioned there was better pain management for mom and she would let the doctor know that it was needed. I realized at that point that to my knowledge mom had not received her noon pain pills nor her leg medication, and mentioned that to my sister and the kind, Closing the Gap lady.
After she left, my sister went to chat with the resident nurse who’s shift began at 3pm. She asked her if she could come and take mom’s blood pressure, and mentioned the missing noon pills.
The nurse looked it up and told her that mom had indeed had her pills as it was marked off on the sheet. I didn’t know when that happened as I had not been out of the room.
Shortly after my sister returned this nurse entered mom’s room. I felt an immediate warning from the Holy Spirit that her spirit was angry with me. I sat over to the side while she took mom’s blood pressure. She never looked at me or talked to me, but directed all her remarks to my sister. As far as she was concerned, I wasn’t even in the room.
Having some pertinent information about my mother in response to the conversation going on, I had to force myself into the conversation which brought a steely glance in my direction. Her spirit wanted nothing to do with me, and as little contact as she needed to impart. Such a difference from the peaceful spirit of the other care worker with helpful, caring solutions in regards to my mother’s pain.
Upon returning home I found myself very irritated with this nurses attitude. I argued with myself on how I had a very legitimate reason to be annoyed and angry. And so I went on and on for quite some time until Jesus brought to my mind that perhaps she was correct, even though she was not on duty at noon as a witness.
I realized there was a few minutes at noon when I was in mom’s bathroom when a nurse might have come with her medication, even though mom’s response later to the pain she was experiencing, had me believing otherwise.
Jesus brought to my mind that He loved this nurse as much as He does me. She saw me as a threat, and not someone whom she could discuss mom’s problems. The Holy Spirit was telling me – “Don’t fight against this incompatible spirit, but work on the hostility she feels towards you.” I most certainly had some patchwork to do on this spiritual quilt I was weaving.
It brought to mind the saying…“Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”
Dr. Anderson’s ending prayer became mine as he asked God to …
“Increase my sensitivity to the spiritual world, Lord, and keep me from the dangers of viewing life only from a human perspective.”

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