Sybil Brodie

Sybil was born in Timmins Ontario Canada. It was here where she met her best friend who introduced her to Jesus in a way that she had never known. A love for God and His word developed and she soon became saved and a follower of Jesus. Sybil married when she was seventeen, and her husband was twenty-five. Over the years they were blessed with four children, three boys and one girl. God took her faithful husband home to Heaven in December of 2010. God has used Syb in ways that often left her with her mouth hanging open in amazement! He began using her writings many years ago to reach out to those hurting, those needing an encouraging word or to be lifted up with His love. Launching this website is another unimaginable blessing that God has bestowed upon Sybil. As she begins this new chapter to tell others about Jesus, may the words He continues to put into her head, encourage you to seek Him out for yourself. Through her writings and other writers articles included in this site, may a desire grow within your hearts to read His words for yourself. Her prayer is that God will speak to you as He blesses you with His ‘Gems’ of Encouragement. That you will be Enlightened, Inspired, Taught where to find Jesus, that you will feel His joy & Laughter, and that you will want to Love others in the same way that Jesus loves you.

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