When February 14th comes around each year we immediately think of love, flowers, chocolates, and kisses to name a few. We buy or make cards with big red hearts with the words “Be My Valentine” splashed across the front. We want to show our very special mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, child, that they are loved in a very special way. But how do you do that if your loved, or beloved, is no longer there to show them your love in that tangible way?

On Valentines Day 2015 my daughter Karen went into the hospital for the last time. Two days later she left her pain and suffering on this earth for heaven where her loving Savior dwells. At that moment she left behind those whom she loved, and who loved her.

Many of you have experienced this same reality, while others are just beginning to live through the loss of a loved one. Maybe some of you have lost loved ones already in many past Valentine days.

What I find so very strange though, is the love that broke my heart in two that fateful day, is the same love that was supplied back to me for my healing. Scarring has certainly taken its permanent place on my heart, tears still flow, but not as often. Jesus healing love has given me a renewed and better understanding of another’s pain.

I believe God allows this pain in our lives so we can come alongside someone else with His comforting love. Jesus is the best Valentine this world has ever received, and how often have we thrown His love for us, like an old Valentine card, on the reject pile.

“Your love for someone reveals your heart” quotes Dr. David Jeremiah. Jesus having died for all of us reveals the immeasurable size of His heart! His sacrificial love is unequaled among men and difficult for us to comprehend. Pain can deaden hearts for awhile, but those who seek healing through God’s love, will be carried through grief and pain with the knowledge you will see your loved one again someday.

John 3:16 tells us that …“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life”.  Do you hear Jesus saying … “Won’t You Be My Valentine?”

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