The Difficult Job of a Guardian Angel

Happy New Year my dear readers! With this long siege we are living with Corona Virus, I feel it is time for some light-hearted humor. Hopefully you will all get a chuckle or two to brighten your day.
I wrote this articles quite a few years ago and some of you may remember it. Hopefully your memory will be like mine and it will be ‘New to You’.  Remember, laughter is the best medicine for what is ailing you, so enjoy and be blessed with More Laughter! Syb.

The Difficult Job of a Guardian Angel

He will fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy. Job 8:21 NIV

I think my Guardian Angel has been falling down on the job. I say this in all sincerity and I will tell you why. I have become much too serious about this life I’m living on earths planet. I used to have a sense of humor but it has been stolen by someone or something. Where was my Guardian Angel when that happened!
I don’t look in mirrors much anymore because every time I do this old lady looks back at me. I don’t know what or how, but I figure it must be some sort of magic trick because I haven’t seen myself in years. My Guardian Angel must know the answer, but why hasn’t he told me?
Another thing… When I get together with friends they ask me “What have you been up to lately?” Now I know I have been going straight out doing many things, but do you think I can remember any of it? Noooo . . . What comes out of my mouth is some lame thing like — “I had a poached egg for breakfast.” Or some other such nonsense. I need my Guardian Angel to get back on the job by locating and retrieving my memory.
I must say though that my Guardian Angel did redeem himself somewhat lately. I invited my friend Lillian over to watch a movie as I had not seen my sense of humor for some time. Lillian always brings a chuckle or two right along with her.
So after I put a movie into the machine we settled down munching on some fruit, crackers and cheese looking forward to being entertained. I had not seen this movie before and it turned out to be a serious, not very memorable, but okay type of movie that I doubt I’ll ever want to watch again. I’m sure Lillian felt the same way as by this time she was ready for a nap.
I began to search my collection for something that might be a little more entertaining and came upon an old movie I’ve watched many times over the years which always brought me a laugh or two.
I mentioned this to Lillian who was agreeable to give me another chance, so into the machine it went.
Well we were not long into the movie before we began to laugh. Not just a chuckle or two, but deep down belly laughs. You know the kind where tears roll down your face while you hold onto your aching stomach trying to take in the next breath.
This went on through most of the movie and when it was over we felt so happy, full of the joy of life with thanks to God for laughter, along with the blessing of friendship.
Lillian gathered her things together and went off home with the movie in her hands thinking it was something her daughter and two grandchildren would enjoy during the winter break. However the ‘best laid plans’ as the old saying goes, makes that another story I’ll let Lillian tell.
What was the name of the movie that brought us such gales of laughter?
Why it was that old goody… “The Gods Must Be Crazy”.
Thank you Guardian Angel, I’m so glad to see you’re back on the job! Now tell me, is there anything you can do to get rid of that old lady in my mirror?   “What . . . you need more time you say?”

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