The Wonder Of Christmas – ONLY YOU JESUS

Only You
In a humble stable lay
As a babe in a manger on a bed of hay.
Hark! The Angels rejoice and sing
Holy Holy to our Lord and King.

Only You
Did an angel shining so bright
Tell the Shepherds . . .
In Bethlehem is born this night
The one whom the prophets said would come
And from a virgin would be born a son.

Only You
Did the Magi seek what was prophesied
Baring pure gifts to bless and sanctify.
You lived among us as a spotless lamb
Taking our sins upon your innocent hands.

Only You
For whom the church bells ring
Are worthy to rule as God and King.
Only You
Can wash away our sins
Bringing peace on earth to live within.

Only You . . .
Wonderful Councillor
Prince of Peace
Eternal Father
Son of God.

Jesus the Christ,
The last Sacrifice
Only You!  

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