A new day begins at 12am
I lie awake thinking
of the past –
the present –
what tomorrow might bring.

The past I slip into with ease
It’s comfortable and
non threatening.
My failures I’ve faced
sins repented
forgiveness has taken place.

Except for tears that come unbidden
when thoughts of past loves become unhidden.

So . . . back to the present –
It has been a good day
with so many blessings that have come my way.
Words fill my head while I put
pen to paper and sit on my bed.

What about tomorrow?
God says “Each day has enough
troubles of its own
stay in the here and now.”

Okay Lord,
fill my here and now with
Your presence and
my mind with Your words.
Bring me restful sleep
and when I awake
I will greet the new day with . . .

What now Lord? 


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