Why me Lord?
Why choose me Lord?
A silly, sometimes brainless person
who is often ungrateful for all you
have done and suffered for me.
Many times I have lusted for things
but of course, labeled it a ‘need’.
I am often argumentative
as you well know, as I have tried to
persuade You, along with others,
that my way of thinking is the only
way of looking at a problem.
Some could even label me
uncooperative or bull-headed and
be right on the mark.
You also know that I am very set in
my ways, that you have to ease me
into accepting changes in my life
in order to work through me.
Oh…but I love it when you work through me Lord!

But I don’t want to change, I find it
very comfortable in this life you
have given me.
Remember, it is the place You put me,
so You have only Yourself to blame for
my lack of enthusiasm to change.
Right?  Right?  Answer me Lord!
How come I can’t hear You?
Why do I get angry with You Lord?
Why do I lash out at You when I can’t
get my way or think You should be
tending to the injustices
that are all around me?
You, the One who loves me more than
I could ever comprehend.
So I often ask myself…
Why choose to save me Lord?
I never would have chosen me…
But… thank you.
Your bull headed, argumentative,
servant, Syb.   

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