IF I COULD PRAY (The Desire Of The Newly Converted)

   (The Desire of the Newly Converted)
         Ted Thomson – March 2013

So often I’ve been asked to pray
Only to find my tang all tungled up
And my mind in neutral.
But, if I could pray
I would tell You how grateful I am to be forgiven
How surprised I am You would want to.
How when alone is all I feel
You come to heart, before mind.
You would learn of my sadness
knowing You were waiting all this time
and I couldn’t open the door.
All the people in my life needy or struggling
physically, emotionally, physiologically, spiritually
prayed for
earnestly, reverently.
All this would be in a style so I would
know that You know . . . you know?
In a style so sweet, so joyous
there would be no room for doubt of my convictions.
When I die and I am standing next to Christ,
performing my defense
I could thank You for the massive amount of time it would take
to convince Your/Our Father of any hope of my worthiness.
No hurt too small, no hope too large
For You to consider.
No situation too awful, too ghastly to speak of
because You would be there.
I could present all this with grace
with joy and reverence,
If I could pray.

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