What Are You Selling?

With You is the fountain of life; in Your light do we see light. Psalm 36:9

The day dawns bright, puts sand in your eyes
curse the notion, but risings next, and then you try
to find the door, the road, your work, nothing more.
Struggle to care, struggle in mind
struggle to leave hypocrisy behind
To lie to yourself and meet the end of the day
with few new scars or any parting ways.

Yesterday disappears like the wake of a canoe
And tomorrow scares you through and through,
But its right now you fear with all your heart
Every twig snap, every car horn, is a massive start
What if I fail? what if I succeed? to meet the needs
Of the family, the workplace or TVs million feeds

Things grow dark as the sky at night
So you find diversions to provide the light.
Bust a few rails, see the bottom of the glass
and wince as you watch your time pass,
After all what harm can it do
when this world has been so hard on you?

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